Movie vs. Book


Spoiler: In case you haven’t already watched the movie or vice versa, do not read until you have read and watched both.

I watched the movie after reading Twilight and like most movie adaptations of novels, the movie was definitely not as good as the book. The best part of the movie however, was the fact that I could faces to the names of the characters that I had grown to love, ahem… my boo, Edward Cullen. There were so many differences between the book and novel that it just threw me off a bit… like what the hell were they thinking when they did this, or that and why didn’t they add that. Anyways, I can go on and on about it. But for now, I’m gonna post some of the things that I noticed that differed between the two. Feel free to add anything else you noticed that I may have over looked.

  • In the movie: Billy and Jacob Black were in the beginning sequence when Bella first sees her truck
  • In the book: Charlie surprises her with the truck upon her arrival to the house
  • Where’s Ben Cheney and Lauren Mallory?
  • In the movie: Waylan Forge is a friend of Charlie’s and is later killed by James, Victoria & Laurent
  • In the book: There is no Waylan Forge
  • Why does Jasper look like that? Haha!
  • In the movie: Edward saves Bella from Tyler’s van and leaves her there only to be seen again at the hospital talking to Rosalie & Carlyle
  • In the book: He stays with her the whole time and goes w/ her to the hospital in the ambulance
  • What ever happened to the “girls ask the guys” dance?
  • In the movie: Charlie and Bella eat at the diner every night
  • In the book: Bella cooks dinner for Charlie every night
  • One of my favorite scenes missing: the biology scene when she faints at the site of blood and Mike tries to bring her to the nurses office but Edward stops him and carries her to the nurse
  • In the movie: Bella says she can’t go to prom because she’s already going to Jacksonville, FL
  • In the book: Bella says she can’t go to the “sadie hawkins” dance because she’s going to Seattle. Which is when Edward asks her if he can drive her there instead.
  • In the movie: Bella reveals to Edward that she knows he’s a vampire in the meadow. FYI: I absolutely hated the meadow scene!!!
  • In the book: This is revealed in the car on their way home from dinner at Port Angeles
  • Was the scene where he shows his skin shimmering like diamonds cheesy or what? I mean gheez… they could’ve done a better job with special effects.
  • In the movie: Edward and Bella kiss in her bedroom
  • In the book: Their first kiss is in the meadow
  • In the movie: Bella rides on Edward’s back and doesn’t seem afraid at all
  • In the book: Bella was scared riding on his back
  • In the movie: James never mentions Alice’s past to Bella during the ballet room scene

I know there are waaaayyyy more differences but my hands are hurting from typing (which is why I could never be a writer) and plus I have to get back to something called… my job, lol. I’ll probably add more later OR you can tell us some that you can recall.


5 responses to “Movie vs. Book

  1. LOVE the Jacob comment! HAHA! Also, I LOVED the bio scene in the book when Bella faints! In the movie they also introduce Eric (the first guy to greet Bella), I just read recently that this character is a combo of Ben and Eric from the book. That’s why Angela ends up with Eric instead of Ben at the dance. =)

  2. dang you really broke it down! i just love how eddie looks in this movie promo pic…so dark and mysterious with his golden eyes! yummy!

  3. my fav part, when edward asks bella to sit with him during lunch, this was totally not in the movie…boo-whoo

  4. i also love the meadow scene! its my favveeee! and it broke my heart when midnight sun ended RIGHT BEFORE the meadow scene. damnit!

  5. I think in the movie they fall in love WAY to fast. the scenes like fainting in bio, fake seattle day (meadow), and cafeteria day were essnchaial and they got rid of them all!

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