Characters of Twilight in action


In a few interviews I’ve read online and in magazines. I just wanted to commend the dedication of R-Pat and Kristen Stewart for their role playing as Edward and Bella.

In order to fulfill the characterization Stephanie Meyers had intended for Bella and Edward, R-Pat and Stewart spent countless hours consuming themselves in playing the role. For example, R-Pat dramatically dropped his weight and read Midnight Sun to become Edward Cullen (I need to know how he was able to do that, because he look DAMN good!).

Both R-Pat and Stewart understood the intensity of the “silent moments” throughout the series of books and I appreciate that we were all able to view intensity on screen. Also, on a side note, Stewart, after finishing screen tests with multiple actors hoping for the role of Edward, reached out to Director, Catherine Hardwicke saying she would not do the film if R-Pat wasn’t to play Edward… (awwwww!)

Both R-Pat’s and Stewart’s chemistry is undoubtedly strong and I would like to thank them for doing Bella and Edward justice =)

*If you have any more stories to add to this, please feel free! (I had to rush this as I’m at work right now and I am SURE there are more examples out there!)


One response to “Characters of Twilight in action

  1. i love this pic. they look so natural together! and is that the cartier panther ring she is wearing?? she must have gotten a signing bonus for the second movie! jk!

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